People’s Palace Projects is building a special relationship with St Paul’s Way School, one of only two Foundation Trust Schools in the country.  Situated less than a mile away from Queen Mary University of London’s Mile End Campus and with a board of trustees from the university, there is great potential for us to work together on  outreach work in the local community.

People’s Palace Projects is currently working with St Paul’s Way on a new model for engagement through combined science and arts projects.  ‘Drumming for Change’ brings professional drumming practitioners from the Barbican Centre’s ‘World in Motion’ drumming project to work with students and staff across the school.  This programme has culminated in the establishment of an after-school drumming group which rehearses and performs under the guidance of drumming tutors.  ‘Drumming for Change’ provides a practical backdrop for People’s Palace Project’s ‘Waves Project’ – an investigation into the impact of drums in the school and exploration in ideas of wave energy.The project investigates subject areas such as microwave energy, electrical engineering and satellite technology, and finally comes to the idea of sound waves themselves. As sound is made visible through the drumming, the hearing-impaired and deaf students at the school become involved with music making in a new and creative way,  building further connections through the artistic process.