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Project Manager and Research Assistant


With roots in the Midwest and Northeast of Brazil, Bruna was born in Mato Grosso and grew up in the countryside of Goiás. In 2018 she moved to Rio de Janeiro.

In Goiás, she worked as a graphic proofreader and press assistant for the Government of Goiás and professor in Journalism and communications and advertisement courses at Unifasam. In Rio de Janeiro, she worked on research and extension projects for the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation that involved public health, technology, culture and community. From different themes and perspectives, her work is guided by communication as a Human Right and the human vocation of “Being More”, as Paulo Freire taught us. She holds a PhD in Health Information and Communication (PPGICS-ICICT-Fiocruz), a Master’s in Communication, Culture and Citizenship (FIC-UFG) and a degree in Journalism. Since graduation, she has been researching the relationship between communication and mental health.

Bruna worked at Maré’s Third Mental Health Week, Rema Maré III, in November 2022, and in January 2023 joined the PPP do Brasil team as manager of creativity and mental health projects in Brazil and Research Assistant.

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