How do people transform their worlds through creativity and the arts? What difference can art make for those who live in situations of risk, violence and crisis? Who are the artists on the peripheries of our societies and how are they working to bring about change?

People’s Palace Projects seeks to ask these questions through participatory arts projects, performances, educational initiatives and debates. We bring artists, activists, academics and audiences together for projects that address a wide range of social justice and human rights issues.

People’s Palace Projects is based in the Drama Department of Queen Mary University of London in the city’s East End, and has worked with a wide range of local communities.

What's On


Rema Maré- PPP presents the results of international research and launches mental health campaign

Rio de Janeiro, August 2021- People’s Palace Projects, in partnership with Redes da Maré, presented the results of three-year international research project Building the Barricades, one of the first studies in the world to explore the relationship between experiences of armed violence and the mental health and well-being of  residents of favelas. The survey took […]


PPP at COP26: Reimagining Museums for Climate Action

What would it mean to confer museum status on existing Indigenous lands that play a key role in climate action? What does actually constitute a ‘museum’ in today’s society? People’s Palace Projects senior project manager, Thiago Jesus and filmmaker Takumã Kuikuro will reflect on these questions through Natural Future Museums, a video installation that is […]


OCA RED: Living Beyond the End of the World – Xingu at La Biennale di Venezia

Filmmaker Takumã Kuikuro, in collaboration with ACASAGRINGOCARDIA studio and People’s Palace Projects/QMUL, takes the Brazilian Amazon to the heart of the 17th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia. 22 May, 2021- The immersive audio-visual installation OCA RED invites the world to connect to the Xingu way of life, celebrating indigenous, communal ways of […]


Creative Climate Connections Xingu-Wales (CCC)

Young people from indigenous villages of Xingu, in the Amazon basin and a group from South Wales are now linked by their experiences and responses to climate change. Though globally and culturally distant, the groups from the UK and Brazil engaged in this project ,are united by their vested interest in the global climate crisis […]


Xingu Encounter

Recent projects: OCA RED: Living Beyond the End of the World – Xingu at La Biennale di Venezia (May-Nov 2021) Reimagining Museums for Climate Action – PPP at COP26 (May-Nov 2021) Kamukuwaká VR: enabling digital futures for indigenous knowledge from the Xingu (2021-2022) Indigenous Research Methods (2019-2021) Overview Since 2014, PPP has worked with filmmaker […]


Kamukuwaká VR: enabling digital futures for indigenous knowledge from the Xingu

Virtual Reality brings back to the Wauja Indigenous Community, in Xingu, the educational experience of visiting their most sacred cave. 2021 marks the third year that the Wauja community from the Upper Xingu, Amazon region, are unable to make their annual pilgrimage to Kamukuwaká, their “book of learning”, an archaeological site that holds Wauja’s believes, […]

Photo by AF Rodrigues