How do people transform their worlds through creativity and the arts? What difference can art make for those who live in situations of risk, violence and crisis? Who are the artists on the peripheries of our societies and how are they working to bring about change?

People’s Palace Projects seeks to ask these questions through participatory arts projects, performances, educational initiatives and debates. We bring artists, activists, academics and audiences together for projects that address a wide range of social justice and human rights issues.

People’s Palace Projects is based in the Drama Department of Queen Mary University of London in the city’s East End, and has worked with a wide range of local communities.

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People’s Palace Projects do Brasil- Project Manager

Vaga: COORDENADOR DE PROJETO, PEOPLE’S PALACE PROJECTS DO BRASIL Carga-horária: 2 x por semana, flexível, início em Agosto por período a ser negociado. Contrato- Freelance, mediante apresentação de nota fiscal (MEI ou empresa) People’s Palace Projects é uma organização de pesquisa e projetos em arte para justiça social, com sede em Londres dentro da Queen […]


People’s Palace Projects joins Amazon Hope Collective amid Covid-19

August, 2020-  As Covid-19 has got a foothold within the indigenous territories in the Amazon region,  People’s Palace Projects expands its UK campaign and joins the Amazon Hope Collective (AHC), a global effort to protect these communities in the Xingu region in Brazil amid coronavirus. Together we now turned our resources  to respond to a […]


Indigenous from Brazil look abroad for support to deal with Covid. A letter by Takumã Kuikuro

A leader from the Kuikuro people of Upper Xingu describes how they are fighting the pandemic — on their own. (artigo em Português abaixo) ALTO XINGU, Brazil – This year, we won’t celebrate Kuarup, the most important traditional ritual in Upper Xingu, the first indigenous territory demarcated in Brazil in 1961. Through Kuarup we celebrate […]


Resisting violence, creating dignity

Negotiating Violence Against Women and Girls through community history-making in Rio de Janeiro This new research project, funded by the British Academy and Newton Fund, is led by Cathy McIlwaine (King’s College London), in collaboration with Paul Heritage (Co-Investigator, Queen Mary University of London/People’s Palace Projects), Miriam Krenzinger (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) and […]


The Sacred Cave of Kamukuwaká

In September 2018, as part of PPP’s The Challenge of the Xingu project, an expedition to the sacred cave of Kamukuwaká organised with members of the Wauja community, specialists from Factum Foundation and an independent team of Brazilian anthropologists, found its ancient petroglyphs had been systematically destroyed (click here for more info). Chisel marks, a chipped […]


Xingu Encounter: Rethinking Models of Indigenous Development

To celebrate Brazil’s Dia do Índio (Indigenous Day) on April 19th, People’s Palace Projects and AIKAX (Indigenous Association of the Kuikuro People in Xingu) has launched OLOGIKO on PPP’s youtube channel. In OLOGIKO (Karib word for exchange), Takumã Kuikuro documents the exchanges between indigenous and non-indigenous artists and researchers that took place at the Ipatse village in the Upper […]

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