Project Coordinator – Indigenous Exchange and  Climate Action


Mayra is based in Brazil as part of PPP’s sister organisation People’s Palace Projects do Brasil.

She is an Environmental Engineer who studied at the Universidade Federal Fluminense (Brasil) with training in Design for Sustainability through Gaia Education. With experience in science outreach and collaborative research methodologies, she has developed environmental education and ecological sanitation projects with traditional communities in the Amazon region and favelas in Rio de Janeiro.

Mayra believes that the “future is ancestor” and searches for the means to value cultural heritage and the way of living of traditional communities. Maybe if we, as a society, can realise that we are nature and our interdependency is vital, we can design a better future.

She is interested in how art and social mobilisation can overcome the environmental crises we face, such as climate change and the political tensions on territories.

Mayra joined PPP do Brasil in 2021 as Project Coordinator – Communities and Territories and hopes to support the local and indigenous artists to communicate their histories and realities in a dialogue between traditional wisdom and science, aiming for a regenerative cultural exchange.

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