Encontros re-mixes and re-imagines the relationships between digital technology, debate, and live performance with young people as they make art to re-make their worlds. People’s Palace Projects are currently working with Gary Stewart (People’s Palace Projects Associate Artist) on a new manifestation of Encounters in São Paulo, Brazil.

From 12-24 March 2012, Gary Stewart and People’s Palace Projects are working with twelve young people from art organisations from across the peripheries of São Paulo (Cooperifa, Bolha de Sabão and Ninho Sansacroma). During the pilot stage of the project, the young artists are developing the skills to create multi-media interactive performance-installations. In November 2012, People’s Palace Projects will work with the same group to produce high-profile public performance installations across the city.

Over the last two years, young people from the UK, Syria, Iran, Palestine and Brazil have shared inspirations, ideas and images to create installations in London galleries, Newcastle nightclubs and on the rooftops of the Morro de Provencia in Rio de Janeiro.  Encounters provides access to digital technologies that enable young people to imagine new ways of looking at and playing back their lives to provoke new encounters with their own worlds. Encouraging its participants to take risks, play with ideas and keep an open mind, Encounters is an act of making and breaking connections – an insistence that the world is for young people to create.

For more updates about this project please visit our project blog: http://encounterssaopaulo.tumblr.com/; facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EncontrosEncounters?filter=1;or contact us here for more information.