On behalf of the ESRC and AHRC, People’s Palace Projects will be hosting a three day workshop on Indigenous Research Methods in Rio de Janeiro from 20-22 March 2019.

The workshops will include researchers from a wide variety of indigenous communities in 10 different countries (Brazil, Colombia, India, Mongolia, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea and Dominica) as well as Principal Investigators from 11 UK universities and 1 public research institution. Each multi-national team has written a Case Study based on their own experiences of collaborative research, and these will be used as a starting point to further develop good practice in research. The group’s discussions will focus particularly on culturally sensitive knowledge exchange, co-creation and mobilisation for meaningful impact.

Research collaborations with indigenous people have become an increasingly important topic within the Research Councils’ Global Challenges Research Fund portfolio. The intention of this workshop is to critically reflect on and document processes that enable non-indigenous researchers and indigenous communities to engage together to conduct equitable, context specific, historically, culturally and linguistically sensitive research, knowledge co-creation and mobilisation.

UKRI intends to reconvene the UK researchers in Spring 2020 and to develop a publication following the workshop that indicates important issues to consider and guidelines for best practice for undertaking international development research with indigenous people. This will be a resource for UK and International researchers when planning future research and responding to opportunities for collaboration, as well as guiding UKRI’s future strategic research initiatives.