Please click here to read the main findings of the research Building the Barricades (in Portuguese)  BOLETIM_CONST_PONTES_ONLINE

You can access the infographics here (in Portuguese)  INFOGRAFICOS_PESQUISA_CONSTRUINDO_PONTES_AGO21

This is the mental health guide that was distributed to the residents of Mare (in Portuguese)  Cartilha_Saude_Mental

Below you find the four volumes of the research

Volume I (In Portuguese) – LIVRO_01_CONST_PONTES_ONLINE_com capa

Volume II (In Portuguese) – LIVRO_02_CONST_PONTES_ONLINE_com capa

Volume III (In Portuguese) – LIVRO_03_CONST_PONTES_ONLINE_com capa

Volume IV (In Portuguese) – LIVRO_04_CONST_PONTES_ONLINE_com capa