Roots of Resilience Final Report and Summary

Roots of Resilience project mapped and measured the value of culture in the region known as the Iron Quadrangle in Minas Gerais, Brazil, through a research project in partnership with six cultural organisations in the region, namely: Inhotim Institute – the core promoter of this network –, Corporação Musical Banda São Sebastião (musical corporation), Casa Quilombé, Fundação Cultural Carlos Drummond de Andrade (cultural foundation – FCCDA), Grupo Atrás do Pano and Clube Osquindô.

Based on these discoveries and the cultural network that was created through interaction between partner organisations, they gave rise to new programmes and initiatives using arts and culture to develop impactful actions by raising awareness about environmental issues relevant to the reality of each territory, as well as promoting debates regarding the importance of preserving local cultural heritage.

Together with partner cultural agents, we also sought to develop art education methodologies that could be applied in the territories where the research was carried out, or replicated in other places.

The new phases of the Roots of Resilience project emphasise the role of education in promoting debates and civil engagement. Art is used as a bridge for the actions developed to raise awareness; on the central role of young people in the fight to preserve cultural heritage and safeguard their territories against environmental disasters; on the connection between civil society and decision-makers (public authorities); and the production and propagation of content regarding the interconnections between arts, culture and environmental issues, with special attention given to the climate emergency.

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Published in August 2023