(photo Rosilene Miliotti)

Redes da Maré has released this month the Bulletin Right to Public Security in Maré, with the support of the Newton Funded research project Someone to watch over me: new ways of understanding the Police, culture and the favela in Rio de Janeiro. The bulletin initiates the Permanent Monitoring Project of the violations resulting from the action of the Public Security forces in the Maré, in confronting armed civil groups. The bulletin presents the data collected by Redes da Maré from the monitoring of all thirty-three police operations in 2016 (an average of 1 every 11 days). The lethality rate due to police actions in Maré in 2016 was eight times higher than that of Brazil and three times that of the state of Rio de Janeiro in 2015 – 17 deaths, 12.8% per 100,00 inhabitants.

Click on the image below to download the bulletin.