British Council Brazil and People’s Palace Projects are proudly launching a year’s programme of three residencies for 3 UK based emerging artists to work in Brazil, produced by Casa Rio (PPP do Brasil’s artist residency space, Rio de Janeiro), taking place between September 2017 and March 2018.

The application for the first 30-day residency, which will select one UK based emerging artist, is currently open. Residency takes place in September 2017, in partnership with the Indigenous Association of the Kuikuro People in Xingu Indigenous Reserve (AIKAX), in Central Brazil. The application is destined to artists working with a wide range of different media and platforms, and that are interested in developing an international work in Rio de Janeiro and the Xingu Indigenous Reserve (Mato Grosso State, Central Brazil), working with the Kuikuro Indigenous community (Ipatse Village).

For the residency, the selected artist will join nine Brazilian artists from a range of cultural organisations from Rio de Janeiro in the trip. The month will include a few days’ orientation in Rio de Janeiro (artists will be staying at Casa Rio, a residency centre for artists curated by People’s Palace Projects –; all 10 artists will then travel to the Xingu for a 15 days residency in the Ipatse Village, (Mato Grosso State, Central Brazil). The trip also includes a return to Rio de Janeiro at the end where there will be a public sharing of the collaborations.

About the Xingu Indigenous Reserve and the Grant

The Xingu is a National Park created in a historic agreement between the indigenous peoples of the Xingu and the Brazilian Government in 1961 to protect the lands of 16 indigenous peoples. It is located in a remote area in the state of Mato Grosso which has only basic medical care facilities. Travel arrangements include 2h plane Rio-Brasilia/Goiânia; 15h bus Brasilia/Goiânia-Canarana; 8h bus Canarana-Ipatse). All participants will be asked to sign an individual agreement with AIKAX, the Association of Kuikuro People of the Upper Xingu, governing their participation which includes accepting liability for the risks of participation and agreeing to a code of conduct which respects the cultural practices of the indigenous Kuikuro community that lives in the village. Participation in the trip will also be subject to completion of all necessary legal paperwork to comply with Brazilian government (FUNAI) regulations.

The offer to the artist will include: economy flight London/Rio/London; airport transfers; insurance; accommodation; per diems; artists fee based on UK industry guidelines for artistic residencies; a small budget for materials; a local producer/translator to support their project; a local team setting up and monitoring the residency with appropriate local partners if needed; local transport costs; incidental costs appropriate to the residency (e.g. provision of hammock, mosquito net, vaccinations, etc).

The focus for the call will be to encourage artists interested in pursuing cultural projects with a social focus.

To apply, download the guidelines here, and the application form here. Deadline for applications is 30th June 2017, 10pm (UK Time).