Cultural exchange is an important means by which nations and communities translate themselves and are in turn translated by others. Can cultural exchange be understood as a mutual act of translation? Or are elements of a country’s cultural identity inevitably lost in the act of exchange?

People’s Palace Projects is proud to announce its latest book The Art of Cultural Exchange is published and available for sale via Vernon Press and other major online booksellers.  This publication, arising from PPP’s The Art of Cultural Exchange research project, funded by the United Kingdom’s Arts and Humanities Research Council, seeks to understand and raise awareness of the present practices of cultural exchange between Brazil and Great Britain in relation to their historical legacy. Presenting five case studies and eight position papers, this research-based project investigates how artists interpret, transmit and circulate ideas, ideologies and forms of knowledge with specific reference to the production of new ‘translations’ produced from and, where possible, between peripheral territories.

The case studies describe the experience of artists, managers and cultural leaders dealing with important challenges in the creative sector regarding the translation of creative and learning arts methodologies. Projects investigated are at the forefront of social arts collaborative practice, representing internationally influential initiatives that have had a demonstrable impact not only in urban centres and peripheries but also in isolated areas of central Brazil and the north of England. The position papers commissioned by the research from Brazilian and British academics and cultural leaders provide a remarkable variety of social, political, anthropological, historical and artistic perspectives of cultural exchange projects offering valuable experiences for those working in research, policy and for creative practitioners.

You can buy the book at Vernon Press website or Amazon at 24% discount using coupon CFC503092DA

You can also download the Portuguese version of the book for free here