Diversity is our identity. Art is our action. Research is how we co-create transformation.

People’s Palace Projects is an arts research centre based in the Department of Drama at Queen Mary University of London. We bring a diverse range of artists, activists, academics and audiences together to engage with questions of social justice through the power of the arts in the UK, Brazil and beyond.

Indigenous Exchange and Climate Action
Indigenous Exchange and Climate Action The heart of this work is in the Indigenous Territories of the Brazilian Amazon region. We support cultural exchange between Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists, activists and academics. Our collaborations have taken us to Venice Biennale 2021, Glasgow Science Centre, Tate ... Read more
Cultural Value and Heritage
Cultural Value and Heritage Our work in this area aims to understand and assess the full creative, social and economic potential of local arts organisations, measuring the value of culture and heritage beyond numbers. Read more
Creativity and Mental Health
Creativity and Mental Health Engaging in cultural activities improves well-being and mental health, particularly for people on the margins of society. Our research projects in this area aim to understand the impacts of this engagement, develop new approaches and share knowledge globally. Read more
Resistance and Transformation
Resistance and Transformation From projects on migration in the Global South, to work tackling bias, racism and discrimination against disadvantaged young people in the UK, all our work in this area aims to resist and transform what otherwise tears us apart. Read more

OLA – Latin America

Building Resilience to overcome depression and anxiety in young people from the peripheries of Peru, Colombia and Argentina.

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Kamukuwaká: Recreating an Ancient Indigenous Cultural Site in full size

Using cutting-edge 3D printing to build a restored replica of vandalised rock carvings in the sacred cave of Kamukuwaká.

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The Verbatim Formula- Hear it, See it

Care experienced young people share their personal stories into a verbatim theatre practice raising awareness, building trust and pushing for policy changes.

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Roots of Resilience: Mining Threats to Cultural Heritage and Climate

A collaborative research project assessing the cultural and environmental impacts of mining in Minas Gerais, a historic region of Brazil.

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Building the Barricades

The international research project Building the Barricades investigated the impact of armed conflict and urban violence on the mental health and well-being of 140 thousand people living in Mare, the largest favela complex in Rio de Janeiro, which faces multiple stress factors and is, in its great majority, controlled by armed drug gangs and local militias.

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Respect Due – Museum of Colour

The Museum of Colour responds to the threat the pandemic poses to its heritage with a unique gallery experience.

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